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Figure 2. Naso-oropharyngeal sanitisation

Reduce your viral load regularly.

When the virus is in our community we are likely to be exposed at some stage, just like we are with every seasonal flu.

A viral load (how much virus you have) in your body begins in your mouth, throat and nasal passage. We can minimise this load by using mouth washes, lozenges, nasal sprays and nasal swabs. This can be a very important step in supporting reduction of community spread of the virus.

Train everyone in your household to use this practice after they have been out and about (in the community). Think of it like washing your hands. 


Choose from a combination of:

• Betadine Sore Throat Gargle – 3 times per day (You can also put some in a dish and use a cotton bud to clean the inside of nasal passage)

• Cepacol mouthwash- rinse and gargle 3 times daily.

• Colloidal Silver nasal spray.

• Propolis and Manuka honey lozenges.

• Inhalation of an anti-viral oil such as Tea Tree or Frankincense. Lavender is a good immune support. See Resources for guide. 

As always if you have any underlying conditions ensure that your read labels of any products you buy and consult your doctor or medical practitioner prior to implementing. 

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