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Please use this website as a guideline. It is not intended to replace medical treatment. Supplement guides are designed for adults; choose from food groups for children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers. If you are on medication or have specific health conditions please consult your health practitioner before taking supplements.


No virus In community : Build natural immunity.


The stronger your own natural immunity, the better the chance your body has to fight infection.


Virus in the community : Reduce viral load.


Using methods to reduce your own viral load can really support reducing community spread.


Infection days 0 – 5, rest : Recuperate and take action early.


Track your days of infection, counting day 1 as the first sign of any symptoms. Record your symptoms and observations in the downloadable Journal. Get tested and inform your medical practitioner.


Infection days 6+ : Rest and monitor.


Your symptoms may improve around day 6. However, there is a chance that around day 8 an inflammatory phase can occur.  (NB: This phase may occur earlier in some people). It is important to rest and monitor through to day 10.  Ensure you are communicating with your medical practitioner if you feel unwell.

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