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Wanaka Health Bridge was created by the community for the community

Can I book in a consultation with one of your practitioners/advisors?

No. Wanaka Health Bridge is solely a website providing general health information that can help support your immune system at home. Each practitioner who has offered a contribution to this website has done so as an individual and not on behalf of any organisation or group. This is a gift for the Wanaka community, from the Wanaka community to help empower individuals with resources in addition to what is available from the Ministry of Health; which we hope will reduce the load on Wanaka’s very limited healthcare infrastructure.

No one is making any profit from sharing this information.


Does it cost to access this information?

No. The information on the Wanaka Health Bridge website is free for everyone. The information stated on this website does not replace any advice you have received from your own medical practitioner for your own medical circumstances.

Please note, the running of Wanaka Health Bridge comes at a personal cost to the collective. We are grateful for generous contributions of pro-bono and discounted services.


Should I follow Wanaka Health Bridge advice over getting the available COVID-19 vaccinations?

No. The Ministry of Health advises that being vaccinated against COVID-19 is your first form of defence. However, the information on this website will support anyone – no matter their vaccination or COVID status – to boost their immune system to help reduce impacts of being exposed to the virus.

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